Tip #1 – EU Safe Harbour Ruling

I am not a lawyer, and neither is Francis Pindar…however we realise that this week’s invalidation of this long standing ruling, could have an impact on how companies handle data. The Safe Harbour pact helped companies send and process personal data from the EU to the US. Take a look at Francis’s great post here, and also here is a link to a BBC post about this mentioning Silicon Valley’s reactions, from Salesforce plus Microsoft, Facebook, AirBnB, etc.

Tip #2 – Free App of the Week – Login History

There is a whole section of the Appexchange for ‘Components’, I would love to hear which ones you have used! I had a look at this one today, it is a Free Component, which allows you to see which Users have logged in (or failed to get access), all from the Salesforce1 App. Take a look at the ‘Login History’ App here. And take a look at this Help page, for how to add Lightning Components.

Tip #3 – London!

As a ‘proper Northerner’ I love warm beer, pies, trams, Joy Division, and Coronation Street…but with a growing team (now 11 of us), we have moved our HQ to London. Don’t worry, I will still be based in Manchester, but will spend more time with Clients in London. See you in London?


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