Tip #1 – My Top 10 Free Appexchange Apps

Thank you to everyone who came to my Dreamforce session on Wednesday great to meet several of you! I will post the video when it is available, but in the meantime here is another free app that I mentioned in the session.

Clean Your Room is an App that sales people will love (if they are not featured) or hate (if they are listed). It is a sales performance dashboard, that I believe Salesforce use internally also.

Tip #2 – Baldforce!

Thank you so much for all your support on this event, we had a great turnout, and lots of Twitter shares. We will announce the final total soon, but hopefully we will have a nice donation to present to Locks of Love.

Tip #3 – The Dreamforce big news

I will be looking into these in more detail over the coming weeks, but probably the highlights of Dreamforce were LOTS of new Lightning features, the new IoT Cloud, and SalesforceIQ.

I am particularly interested in SalesforceIQ, with the integration with your Gmail or Exchange account. Take a look at the details here.

Time to head home and relax after Dreamforce and practice #mindfulness

baldforce from SF

Thanks to our friends at Apttus! Click below for a great infographic close to my heart.

What is takes to be an MVP