San Francisco welcomes careful drivers

So you are off to Dreamforce next week, tickets confirmed, sessions booked, parties planned…but, if you are like me, you arrive a day early and/or you have a spare day to wind down at the end. So what should you do whilst you are there? Here are some of my favourite things to do outside of Dreamforce whilst you are in San Francisco:

Ike’s Place: I saw this on the TV program ‘Man Versus Food’ a while ago, and decided I was up to the  challenge of the Kryptonite sandwich. Can you beat me??

 – Get down to the Piers for some amazing oysters, my favourite is Hog Island Oysters.

 – Hire a bike and cycle along the bay for great views of the city as well as views of the Bay. Great for some fresh air and exercise too.

 – Get a bus/uber over to Haight Ashbury for a slight alternative look at San Francisco with some great pubs to try out.

– Where to go for a beer…cool Danish bar Mikkeller, or the best microbrewery and food at Thirsty Bear, tough choice!

– And maybe at the end of Dreamforce, if you are feeling adventurous,get the bus all the way to Golden Gate Park and Ocean beach….aaaaaand relax…

Aaaaand relax...