Tip #1 – Meet the New Salesforce  

On August 25th there will be a ‘Global online gathering’ where Salesforce will be making a big announcement about the new features and functionality of the next release. I can’t tell you much more at this stage, but join the online event by registering here, or click here to see if your local User Group are holding a screening.

Alternatively, as the announcements will be made around midnight UK time, if you register anyway, then you will be sent the link to watch it the next day.

Tip #2 – Free App of the Week – Highlighter (Beta)

This requirement has been requested to me on several occasions over the years! Here is an App that can highlight (a limited number) of fields and buttons on standard objects. Before I give this App a glowing recommendation, there are 2 things to bear in mind. One is that it is in Beta version, so test it all fully before you launch this to your Users. Secondly, there is limited functionality with the free version…for more highlights and for custom objects you have to upgrade to a paid version.

So I will keep an eye on this App, and hope it will give more features in the free version, when this App is updated to general release.


Thanks to our friends at Apttus !