Tip #1 – Free App of the Week – Smarttime

How do you manage your projects? With Smarttime, you can link Projects to Accounts, then track ongoing hours and costs. You can also track Travel Expenses, oh and the mobile App version works pretty well too.

Tip #2 – Mindfulness

One of the themes for Dreamforce 2015 is Mindfulness. I spoke with Dr. Sara Kewley (Psychologist, and Mindfulness advisor) to get her thoughts on this…
“Mindfulness has become increasingly popular in recent years due to the positive effects it can have on physical and mental health e.g. reducing stress and enhancing general well being and performance. Mindfulness is essentially about being ‘in the present’ and noticing the world around you. It involves attending to your thoughts and feelings and accepting them, rather than dwelling on the complexities of what has already occurred or could happen in the future. Several large companies have embedded mindfulness into their employee well being programmes, and I am looking forward to doing this at Phil Walton Consultancy.”
Here is a clip that Dr. Kewley recommends, it is a TedTalk from Mindfulness expert Andy Puddicombe.

Tip #3 – Ready for 150th week?
I am so excited that next week with be my 150th consecutive blog post. So I have compiled something special for you, I hope you like it! I have TEN guest bloggers from around the world, who will all share their top tips. These tips are all from fellow Administrators, Consultants, and Developers, and readers of this blog just like you and me!


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