Tip #1 – Free App of the Week – Blast Attachment

Most of the Apps I find are from a genuine Client requirement. This week I needed a way to delete thousands of attachments that had been mistakenly added, and I found this handy free app. Take a look at Blast Attachment, where you can search for attachment criteria, and then Mass Delete. All without leaving Salesforce, and works with Professional Edition (no API access required!).

Tip #2 – Salesforce App for Outlook

Last year I decided to move from Outlook to Gmail, so I missed this piece of news…But now I have been looking into Office 365 this caught my eye. So if you missed it like I did, then have a look at the new Salesforce App for Outlook. From what I understand it is purely cloud based, so you don’t need to download it, unlike the previous incarnation.
If you have used this, drop me a line and maybe we can #guestpost you!

Many thanks to Dotmailer