Tip #1 – Free App of the Week – AppShark Lead Conversion

This week I was looking for a way to Mass Convert some Leads, and came across this Free App called ‘AppShark Lead Conversion‘. As well as that option, there is also another functionality with this App to convert a Lead record into a custom object record. This part reminds me of one of my favourite free apps ‘Objector Converter’, take a look at my post about that here.

Tip #2 – Salesforce Shield

As well as some pretty good security for all Salesforce users, Salesforce is launching a new service called Salesforce Shield. Take a look at here at the press release for further info. 

Tip #3 – Ideas REALLY works

In the last 5 years or so I have registered around 90 Ideas on the IdeaExchange. Some big, some minor. And finally one of those has been delivered into Salesforce for you all to enjoy (!?). Ok, so it took 5 years, but the point is, I needed something, I asked for it, you voted for it, and Salesforceimplemented it!

So don’t ignore this great resource, register your Ideas, and check for other interesting Ideas to vote on.

Idea implemented!!

Many thanks to Dotmailer