Tip 1 – Free App of the Week – Rocket Agent

While your colleagues are out of the office, on holiday or sick, who is looking after their Cases? Are any Opportunities slipping away from you during their absence? With Rocket Agent, you can set up planned Vacation times, when you want all Case/Opportunity/Task records to be reassigned to another user. And then when the end time hits, they are assigned back again to the original owner. Not bad for a free App!

Rocket Agent

Tip 2 – The Power of Us Hub

Thanks to Judi Sohn for the chat today, Judi is a MVP alumni who has now moved to the Salesforce Foundation. She reminded me that any Non-Profit or HigherEd users should really take advantage of the Power of Us Hub. Likewise for any of us wanting to offer some help to these Users, it is a good place to answer some questions on their Answers forum!

Judi also prompted me to mention that while the Appexchange listing for the NFP Starter pack is being updated, the best place to look for the most recent version is here.




Many thanks to Dotmailer