Tip 1 – Free App of the Week – Guided Tour

A nice way to help new users navigate around your Salesforce Org is to use something like this App, called ‘Guided Tour‘.  There are a few bits of setup required, but thats not too surprising really, and you can guide your users around a series of steps. Pretty impressive for a freebie!

Take a look at this screenshot below, the pop up in the middle is step 6 of 14, each step telling the user what to do next.


Guided Tour pic

Tip 2 – Guest Bloggers

For my 100th post I featured 10 guest posts from Salesforce staff, MVPs, etc. For my 150th post (my 150th consecutive week) I would like to invite YOU to add a post. I would love to feature community members, actual users, System Administrators, etc. What features do you find useful? What would you tell a new user/Sys Admin? Drop me a line at phil@philwaltonconsultancy.co.uk with a short Tip or Idea (you know the format, 1 or 2 sentences, keep it short & sweet).


Many thanks to Dotmailer