Tip 1 – Free App of the Week – Drag n Drop

Here is a handy piece of functionality that I will be using with a couple of clients. This free App from Cloud Analogy allows you to drag and drop one or multiple files into any object. Take a look at Drag n Drop App.

Tip 2 – Excel-lent trip

Did you make it to the London World Tour last week? I had a great trip, mets lots of new and old friends, and heard Keith Block do his first UK Keynote. But my favourite part of the event was the new AdminZone! In fact I hardly left it. Over 50 people from the community volunteered to help at Admin stands and speak at AdminZone theatre sessions. So thank you for you great response and hard work!

I would strongly recommend volunteering at your national, regional, and local events. It is great experience, looks great on the cv, and is a great way to meet people doing similar things to you.

Right then, New York World Tour next, see you there?

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Many thanks to Dotmailer