Tip 1 – Trailhead

If you have not used Trailhead yet, then today should be the day! Trailhead is a great way to learnSalesforce, breaking down the areas into bite-sized modules. And it has just had a makeover, with new content, and new badges.

It looks like Trailhead will be the focus of lots of attention for the near future, so get on the trail today and start collecting those badges. Click here for access, and here for a summary of whats new.

Tip 2 – MVP Summit

I was lucky to be invited to attend the MVP Summit in San Francisco last week, with all the otherSalesforce MVPs from around the world. Unfortunately every time I tried to write a blog about what happened, I managed to break every rule on the NDA that I signed. So, here are 2 great resources that I can share.

Take a look at Shell Black’s blog post here, and fellow Brit Francis Pindar’s video below (filmed on our new Go-Pro’s that were in our swag bag).


Many thanks to Dotmailer