Tip 1 Dreamforce Admin Sessions

Want a free ticket to Dreamforce? Want to share your knowledge with your peers? Want to stand in front of hundreds of people feeling terrified? The Admin track call for presentations is now open. Go the ButtonClickAdmin site to register your ideas.
I will be submitting 1 or 2 sessions, so fingers crossed for us all.
You have until May 26th. Here are the timelines to stick to:

DF15 Admin sessions

Tip 2 – Did you vote?

The UK General Election is over, and what did we learn? Well one thing is that not enough people actually vote. Every one vote is important, and is counted, and so has value. Whats your point? Well it’s a subtle segway to remind you to vote on the Ideaexchange.
As well as a place to log your ideas, it is a useful place to look for interesting ideas, and vote them up or down. The ‘winning’ Ideas do not necessarily need to have the most votes, but if it has over 250 votes (2500 points) then it will definitely receive a review by the Salesforce Product Team. But Ideas with less than 10 votes have been implemented in the past, so don’t be put off, your vote matters.
*That was a party political broadcast from the ‘Standing at the Back Dressed Stupidly and Looking Stupid Party’. (See Blackadder the Third)


Many thanks to Dotmailer