Tip 1 – Reply to Chatter email notifications

If you receive a Chatter email notification, you don’t need to go to Chatter to respond, you can just reply to the email. Most of us knew that. But thanks to a question in the North England User Group from Gillian Munday, I also now know that you can Like, Follow, Unfollow etc also straight from your email reply. Take a look here for the full list. 

Tip 2 – Only 5 weeks until the London World Tour

If you have not registered for your ‘local’ World Tour event, then you should do so now. The London event is the highlight of the Salesforce UK&Ireland calendar (well, maybe except for my User Group beer tasting event!?), so register today here.

Its great to attend, but it could also be an opportunity to take part! Salesforce are looking for volunteers from the community to help on the Admin Zone booths. Obviously if you are going to help others, you need to be pretty clued up yourself. So this is a call for all local Salesforceexperts/gurus/big-heads to help others, and also to help introduce yourself to the community in person. It’s a great opportunity, trust me!

Just drop me an email today for more details.

And of course there may be similar opportunities around the world at other Salesforce events, so keep your hand in the air.

Tip 3 – Call for Dev submissions…the Developer Blog did it better than me! 

Last week I blogged the details of how to submit your developer session for Dreamforce, but the developer blog did it much better. Take a look here, I accept defeat, you win techies!

Many thanks to Dotmailer