25 People you should meet at Salesforce World Tour Amsterdam 2015

The Salesforce World Tour arrives in Amsterdam on Thursday March 26th. Around 2,500 people will descend on Amsterdam RAI for a packed day of presentations, hands on sessions, success & Dev zones, and meeting new people.

With all these attendees it is difficult to find the individual people in the crowd, so here are the 25 people I would recommend you try to meet whilst there (or on Twitter if you are not there in person). See more, and tell me your suggestions by using the Twitter Hashtag #Salesforce25

25 People You Should Meet at SFDC Amsterdam

25 People you should meet at Salesforce World Tour Amsterdam 2015

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The list features people that are prominent in the Salesforce.com eco-system such as Peter Coffee (VP for Strategic research at Salesforce), who conducts great interviews prior to the Keynote speech, and Bart Greve (COO of CRMWayPoint), Platinum sponsor of the event), and Samuel De Rycke, fellow MVP, and local User Group Leader).

Many thanks to NewVoiceMedia and dotmailer for helping me with this infographic!

Follow all 25 on Twitter before you arrive in Amsterdam:

Matthew Schutz @MatthewKSchutz
Samuel De Rycke @SamuelDeRycke
Oliver Hansen @nesensa
Peter Coffee @petercoffee
Parker Harris @parkerharris
Hans Togtema @HansTogtema
Nick Botter @nickbotter
Jasper Haas @jsprhs
Ward Van Beek @wardvanbeek
Mickel Van de Poll @MickelvandePoll
Phil Walton @SFDCphil
Deane McCloy @deanemccloy
Emma Samuel @Em_Samuel
Robin Wijnen @Robin_Wijnen
Bart Greve @bartgreve
Peter Chittum @pchittum
Joshua Hoskins @jhoskins
Chris Supple @Chinchinnati
Barry Flaherty @bazflaz75
Peter Bakker @PwmBakker
Joachim Klein @joachimklein
Ivar Jansen @IvarJansen
Tim Clarke @TimxClarke
Martijn Schwärzer @DrSmuggler
Shane Deacon @shanedeacon100

And you can follow the conversations of the 25 at Amsterdam with the hashtag #Salesforce25

Last minute additions:

As you can imagine, planning a list of people who will attend an event, 2 months before the event, is quite a challenge! Partly because there is no official attendee list, and also people do not decide to attend until nearer the time. So since this went to print, here are some other attendees that I hope to meet in Amsterdam (note, they have not agreed to share photos,  create descriptions etc,  as the ‘official’ list members have done):

*Pauline Dufour – Developer Relations for EMEA (roped me into working in the Dev Zone, so come say hi between 13.30 – 15.00)

*David Zuelke and Jon Mountjoy – Heroku experts, presenters

*Emmanuelle Kleinmann – EMEA Developer Marketing Manager (also helping out in the Dev Zone)

*Jolanda Verhoef – From BeeThree, speaker at the Dev Zone

*Marcel Krom – From PostNL, part of the Keynote speech