Tip 1 – Plan ahead!

Believe it or not, Dreamforce 2015 is now 6 months away, so plan ahead and save a lot of cash. There are 3 main costs (excluding time missed in the office, and calories consumed!), the Dreamforce event ticket, accommodation, and flights/travel.
*DF15 Tickets – Pre-register as soon as possible, it does not cost you anything to register, but locks in the price until nearer the time. The current offer is $1099.
*Accommodation – This fills up fast! Most hotels block out the time (so you cant book with them direct) and manage all the rooms via the official Dreamforce Housing bookings (available from around April). This is the easiest option, but you could try Air B&B, that is what I have done this year.
*Flights/travel – Here is something you can book long in advance and save some real cash. I am particularly organised this year, and booked my flights back in January. The dates for Dreamforce were announced last October, and are very unlikely to change, so what are you waiting for?

Tip 2 – Relative Dates

If you are creating reports or views with a certain date range, another option is to use Relative Dates. In your criteria, instead of choosing a specific dates (e.g. Contact created date equals March 13th 2015), you can choose Contact Created in “LAST 14 DAYS” or Opportunity Close Date is “NEXT 2 YEARS”.
These relative dates are really useful, and there are lots of options you can use. Take a look here at the full list.

Tip 3 – Apple Watch & Salesforce

This week Apple announced the launch dates for the Apple Watch (24th April across the US, UK, and beyond). Whether you spend £8,000 on the 18-karat gold version, or £300-340 on the Apple Watch Sport, you will no doubt want to hook it up to all possible Apps and functionality. And Salesforce is already a step ahead!
On the very same day, Salesforce announced that they have a new version of their Salesforce Wear Dev Pack, which now includes Apple Watch functionality. Take a look here for the full release, and links to guides and a webinar.

Many thanks to Dotmailer