Tip #1 Free App of the Week

You may have read that Lightning Components will be available on the Appexchange? I did a quick search and found that the first one has been published…and it’s a free one!
Take a look at the Dealmaker Opportunity Healthcheck App.
You need to have access to the Lightning App Builder, and have enabled components (Setup/Develop/Lightning Components/Click ‘Enable’, then save).
It sounds like this could be the first of many Component Apps, so keep an eye out.
And of course if you are baffled about Lightning, then make sure you get involved in one of these events.
FYI – My local group has been invited to visit the Leeds Developer Group on 11th March, I will be attending, click here to register (or drop me a line direct).

Tip #2 User Sharing

The ability to change the visibility between user records was a feature of Summer ’14. But for those of you (us!) that missed it, here is a handy video in the ‘who sees what‘ series.
This may help you understand how you can change visibility between internal and external users, or just within the organisation.


Many thanks to Dotmailer