Tip #1 Lightning Week

Details are pretty thin here, but keep an eye out for Lightning Week on w/c 9th March. Many of the UKI user groups are planning events to coincide with this, for example my North England UG is heading to Liverpool on 12th March (keep an eye on the usual links for details of tickets).
Lightning has been the big talking point since Dreamforce 2014 (along with Wave Analytics), so if you have not seen it in action then you should definitely get involved! More info to follow…

Tip #2 Salesforce1 Ignition Pack

Last year Salesforce set a challenge for their employees, via Salesforce Labs, to build some great Apps in Salesforce1. The winner was Almond a Learning Management App, but also some other Apps sprung out of this challenge. John Brunswick (Platform Architect at Salesforce) has created this amazing resource of Apps, called the Salesforce1 Ignition Pack. I have only just started working my way through this, so I would love to hear your thoughts! And I am sure John would also, take a look at his website here.

Tip #3 Work for Salesforce to get a better office party!

How was your last office party? Take a look at what Salesforce organised this week. Jealous?


Many thanks to Dotmailer