Tip #1 Adding comments into your formulas – Further info!

Last week I wrote about the benefits of adding comments into formulas, and Francis Pindar (Salesforce MVP and all-round good chap) kindly responded with some further feedback that I wanted to share with you. He pointed out that there are limits on the size of individual formulas (number of characters, and formula size when saved), plus if you have a formula that references another formula, then you can soon reach the limit.
Here is a great tip sheet for explaining what those limits are, and how you can reduce formula size.

Tip #2 Tips on reports and dashboards   

As I trawl through the Salesforce community looking for interesting stuff, I found a useful post by Nick Lindberg(Salesforce MVP from Minneapolis), mentioning this great resource of the Report & Dashboard Workbook. Worth a look through. Thanks Nick, well spotted!

Tip #3 MVP nominations time

Francis and Nick are great examples of people who are passionate about Salesforce.com and the community we are all part of. Who else do you think should be recognised as an MVP? Nominations open on Monday, and will appear here.


Many thanks to Dotmailer