Tip #1 Adding comments into your formulas

So the last System Administrator at your company wrote a whole lot of formulas, but what do they all do, what are they calculating?? To save time working out what you or a colleague did 5 years earlier, use a coder trick of adding comments within your formulas.

So if you are building a custom formula field like this (borrowed from the link below). The parts in bold are comments that you can add to any formula, that are visible to you, but won’t affect the formula. /*BRILLIANT*/

/*competitor field is required, check to see if field is empty */
LEN(Competitor__c) = 0,
/* rule only enforced for ABCD record types */
RecordType.Name = “ABCD Value”,
/* Phil is great, and if you are still reading at this point, then I think you get the idea that these comments are pretty useful */
CONTAINS(TEXT(StageName), “Closed”)

Here is a link to a help doc, scroll down to section 5e.


Tip #2 Another useful Chrome Extension – Salesforce1 Mobile Simulator

Thanks to Peter Chittum for this one! I was at the new West London Dev Group on Wednesday, and Peter was doing a demo which he wanted to show on his mobile device. If you use this Salesforce1 Simulator you can see your demo, or the App you are testing, within Chrome on your laptop/PC, and in a nice iPhone/iPad frame. Nice.


Many thanks to Dotmailer