Tip #1 Free App of the Week – Opportunity Manager    

If you use the standard Opportunities tab, then you may want to look at this great Free App called ‘Opportunity Manager‘. It could help you get more use out of Opportunities, more functionality, less clicks, and some nice charts. It even works in Professional Edition.

Tip #2 Salesforce Developer Groups

I am often guilty of focusing my attention on User Groups, so I wanted to give some love to the Developer Groups around the globe. Firstly because there are some amazing groups of people doing amazing things at over 100 locations. But secondly because I have recommended some Administrators attend these events also, and have received some great feedback. So go on, be brave, click on here to find your nearest event and sign up. Release the Developer from inside!!

And finally

…thank you to my new blog sponsor dotmailer. Over the coming weeks I will start to send this weekly email from the dotmailer App, which will be pretty exciting. Hopefully from a recipients point of view you should not see much of a change, except for the emails getting a bit slicker over time. But from me it should be a better experience, and I will be able to see some nice stats right in Salesforce. I will share some screenshots with you when I get up and running!


Many thanks to Dotmailer