Phil’s Tip of the Week – Spring ’15 Special

Tip #1 My Top 10 Highlights of the Spring’15 Release Notes 
I am sure you will all have been studying the new Spring ’15 Release notes, to find the highlights so that you can wow your friends & family over the festive period! But just in case you missed it, here are my Top 10:

  • Duplicate Alerts and Blocking (Now generally available) (Requires administrator setup)
  • Get Faster and More Relevant Search Results (Now generally available)
  • Import Accounts and Contacts with Ease
  • Analytics: Introducing Wave, the Analytics Cloud (Available for an additional cost in: Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited Editions)
  • Further improvements with the the Lightning Process Builder
  • Create or Edit Records Owned by Inactive Users
  • Reporting on Notes and Attachments (& Further Enhancements) (Beta)
  • More Streamlined Look for the Rich Text Editor
  • Report on Chatter Usage with the Salesforce Chatter Dashboards Package (You know I like a Free App!…It better be Free!)
  • View and Run Macros in the Case Feed

Tip #2 Don’t work too hard over Christmas!
Taking my own advice…I decided to just write one Tip this week (even though it involved reading 252 pages of Release Notes!). There are many reasons why working too hard over the festive period is NOT a great idea, here is an article I was reading earlier. Take a break, you all deserve it!!