What do you mean you don’t want to read 252 pages of notes?!? Ok fine, I will do it for you…

  • Duplicate Alerts and Blocking (Generally Available) – Requires administrator setup
  • Get Faster and More Relevant Search Results (Generally Available)
  • Import Accounts and Contacts with Ease
  • Analytics: Introducing Wave, the Analytics Cloud (Available for an additional cost in: Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited Editions)
  • Further improvements with the the Lightning Process Builder
  • Create or Edit Records Owned by Inactive Users
  • Reporting on Notes and Attachments (& Further Enhancements) (Beta)
  • More Streamlined Look for the Rich Text Editor
  • Report on Chatter Usage with the Salesforce Chatter Dashboards Package (You know I like a Free App!…It better be Free!)
  • View and Run Macros in the Case Feed

For further info, take a look at the full release notes here on a pdf or here in html, just search for the topics I have listed above.

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