Tip #1 Simple free reporting App!

For anyone new to Salesforce, or new to reporting, installing a free reporting App can be a good place to start. There are several out there (just take a look through my previous blog posts, or my DF14 presentation), and here is another one that I noticed today.

It is called ‘10 simple & useful reports to know your customers better’, yes that is its actual name! It will give you 10 reports that show you good Account and Contact data. It is a nice start, but for me the usefulness of these ‘starter packs’ is that you can then go to a report, click Customize, and then use it as a template to take it to the next level! (remember to click Save As, after you have customized a report!)


Tip #2 Debug Logs

Don’t run away…it’s ok, this is still an Admin Tip! I know it sounds ‘codey’ but these logs can be a great place for Admins too. So even though this is generally the domain of Developers, more generally it is a place to view logs that are generated every time certain transactions occur. So anyone can use this to monitor the debug log, while a user undertakes a transaction that was causing them an error. Here are some notes that will help you through it.

With a little help from my friends at Noble Systems