Tip #1 Salesforce standard activities – Love them or hate them?
Activities (i.e. Tasks and Events) are a standard functionality of Salesforce, and have around since (nearly) the beginning, perhaps not quite as long as this picture below from 1999…

The first salesforce.com screenshot - ever

…but many people are still split in their love/hate of this ‘eccentric old uncle’.

Here is a great blog post from fellow MVPs Mary Pustejovsky and Beth Breisnes, which is a must read for anyone who uses Activities as a central part of Salesforce. Have a read of ‘Salesforce Activities – What you need to know‘.

Tip #2 Salesforce Study Groups
Deepa Patel does an amazing job leading Salesforce Study Groups around the globe. To get involved, please initially join the official Study Group Community here, and then you can join one of the regional groups (if there is availability! Note you may have to join the queue).
And if you are interested in a UK group, Deepa is on the lookout for new leaders. If you are interested, drop myself or Deepa a line for some more details.


With a little help from my friends at Noble Systems