Tip #1 App updates 
Hopefully over the last 2 years you have found at least one of my Appexchange App recommendations useful? One thing that you should be aware of with all Apps (on all devices) is that the providers make regular updates. If you think there may be a new version of an App, or if you have had an App installed for a long time, log into the Appexchange, click on your Profile image at the top and click on My Account, and you will see a page similar to below, where you can look for and install updates.

Update an Appexchange App

Tip #2 #GuestPost – Process Builder 
The ‘Lightning Process Builder’ looks like a tool that we will all appreciate, and my regular guest Chris Edwards has written a great blog post about his experiences of this new functionality. Here is what he says
Think of the Process Builder as Workflow 2.0 – a next-generation business process automation tool. Salesforce admins already love workflow for what it can do to automate business processes, but the Process Builder goes way further.”
For the full post take a look here. Nice work Chris!


With a little help from my friends at Noble Systems