Tip #1 Salesforce Wave Analytics 
The big announcement at Dreamforce was the new feature ‘Wave’ or the Analytics Cloud. One thing you may have missed is that you can now get a sample version of this for free on iTunes. Search on iTunes on your mobile device, or view it here, and you can have a play with some sample data on reports and dashboards. There is lots of info out there, but here is a good link if you want a summary. It also shows the pricing, which is on 2 levels, $250 pppm (for a Builder User, which I guess you could view as the System Administrator of Wave) and $125pppm (for Explorer User licences, which are the end users).

Tip #2 Dreamforce 2You 
A new event was announced this week ‘Dreamforce 2You’. The agenda suggests it is for those that missed Dreamforce, or that want to ‘continue the fun’. I assume there are events around the globe, but here is a link to the London event on 2nd December.

Tip #3 Dreamforce 2015 
And there is only one way to end Dreamforce…and that is by announcing the dates for 2015! You can register now for Dreamforce 2015 at this link, and lock in the offer price of $999, only until October 31st (usually you dont actualy pay now, it is just the chance to pre-register and get that lower price deal when you do pay). Dreamforce 2015 dates are September 15-18th.

With a little help from my friends at Noble Systems