Tip #1 Who Sees What 
There are several levels you need to consider when considering in Salesforce ‘who sees what’. Here is a great video, which is part of a wider series, which can give you an overview of where you can troubleshoot accessibility and security challenges, and what are the different functionalities you can consider.
If it useful, check out the full series here.

Tip #2 Winter ’15
If you are on instance NA6, NA7, NA8, NA9, or NA17, you will now be using the new Winter ’15 Edition of Salesforce. For everyone else, me included, we will move over on October 17/18th. How do you know which instance you are on? Just look in your address bar when you are using Salesforce, and you will see the instance name in the url bar.For more info see here.

Tip #3 Dreamforce Podcast
My friends at the Cloudlife Podcast have invited me to join them on Monday 12-12.45pm (Pacific time) in the Podcast Booth in the Admin Zone (Moscone West). This will be beamed out to those in the Admin Zone, plus available on the web (somehow, details TBA, so keep an eye/ear out for it even if you aren’t at Dreamforce). We will try to bring in a few extra special guests, so it should be fun!

Phil on Tour: Did I mention that I was going to Dreamforce!? Erm, yes I guess I did, more than a few times…As you read this I should be jetting over the Atlantic to San Francisco. I thought I would get there early, so I can put my beach towel over a couple of chairs in the Keynote room…thats how it works right? If you are at Dreamforce please come and say hi. If you are not, remember to follow me on Twitter @SFDCPhil and also note that the Keynote will be live on the web, so schedule it in (1.30-3.30 Pacific Time, which I think is 7.30PM in UK).

With a little help from my friends at Noble Systems