Tip #1 25 UK/Ireland attendees you should meet at Dreamforce 2014 
The second in my series of ‘People you should meet’ infographic went live last week, and already has had over 10,000 views! And thats before I even have a chance to send it to you!?

25 UK & Ireland attendees you should meet at Dreamforce 2014

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Events such as Dreamforce can be pretty daunting, and with 140,000 attendees it is difficult to actually find an ‘individual’ to speak to, to connect with, or to arrange to meet.

I hope you may find this useful. And I am already planning further lists for 2015 including lists relating to the Salesforce World Tour, and ’25 people to watch in 2015′. I would be interested in hearing you suggestions of people who should be on these lists…especially those from around the globe that should be added to the World Tour infographics.

Tip #2 ‘Great British Breakfast’ in Dreamforce
I have teamed up with Desynit, Dotmailer, and PostcodeAnywhere, to organise a meet up in Dreamforce called ‘The Great British Breakfast’. We would love to meet all ‘Brits abroad’, ex-pats, tourists, and anyone who can fake a British accent, while we are all in San Francisco. So please register here, and follow #DF14BritBrekkie.

Tip #3 Spring ’14 Release exams
For all of you certified Admins, Devs, and Consultants, please remember that you need to make sure you have passed your release exams for Spring ’14…the deadline is Friday October 31st. Log into your Webassessor account to make sure you are up to date or to book in your exam.

Phil on Tour: So I will be travelling to San Francisco next Friday (I will send out an early ‘Tip of the Week’ so dont worry), ready for Dreamforce. I would love to meet as many of you as possible, so drop me a line on Twitter, or an email, and we can say hi!

With a little help from my friends at Noble Systems