Tip #1 New ‘Help’ functionality
There has been some great new features added to the standard Salesforce Help Portal (i.e. when you click the Help button on the top right of your screen). So when you search Help, it now also gives results from Ideas, Known Issues, and ‘Q&A’. This last part shows relevant ‘Best Answers’ from the Answers forum (and may have to be renames the SteveMo section?!). There is a rumour that in future this may also show relevant answers from the Developer Boards also, but that one is one to look out for (Safe Harbour, and all that).

Tip #2 Scheduled Backups
I saw a great Tweet from fellow MVP Judi Sohn this week…
I am dismayed every time I go to an Org and see no scheduled backups (and know they are not backing up another way). Accident waiting to happen!”
So here is a reminder for us all… If you have Enterprise Edition or above, go to Setup/Data Management/Data Export and click either Export Now or Schedule Export.
There are lots of articles on this (heres one), so read up so you know the limitations etc.
You can also do this for your Dev Org as well!
Thanks for the heads-up Judi!

Tip #3 And finally, words of wisdom from Peter Coffee 
We will next see Peter Coffee (VP for Strategic Research at Salesforce.com) introducing the Keynote at Dreamforce. He does some great interviews, pulls out some great phrases, and as well as being a very interesting guy to chat with he is also a top bloke!
Here is a snippet from our last conversation…
“If you wander around your organization, you’ll find uncountable examples of valuable knowledge and critical processes depending on desktop databases and spreadsheets. Every one of those is a Platform-as-a-Service application begging to be written. This doesn’t threaten IT with irrelevance: rather, it lets IT shine the light of proper security and data administration into places it previously could not see, while letting the people who best understand the problems continue to own the solutions.”
His parting words to me were “I’m always on the record”. Can I quote you on that Peter??


With a little help from my friends at Noble Systems