Tip #1 The Wisdom of SteveMo – Episode 1

When SteveMo (aka Steve Molis, #1 Answers community contributor) sent me some suggestions for my 100th Blog post last month, we ended up talking about a whole load of other bits of configuration that he loves and hates (mainly hates!!).
“When using formulas, the ISNULL and NULLVALUE functions have been deprecated by SFDC. So make sure you use ISBLANK and BLANKVALUE instead”. I think SteveMo explains it best in pictures…


Click here and here for some further info on using these formulas.

Tip #2 Analytics Cloud
If anyone else was stalking Salesforce.com CEO Marc Benioff last weekend, they may have noticed his Tweet about his ‘Top Secret Dreamforce Agenda‘. What he may not have planned (or may have actually planned very well) is that one eagle-eyed observer noticed a mention of the Analytics Cloud Keynote. But of course, at present, there is no such thing as the Analytics Cloud…hmm a Dreamforce exclusive launch methinks!!

Tip #3 GirlyGeeks
The GirlyGeeks idea was started at Dreamforce 2010 by fellow MVP Geraldine Gray. It is a great way for women in code/tech/SFDC to work together, and socialise together at Dreamforce. Now it is much bigger, and has Chapters around the globe. The next UK event is in Edinburgh on 30th Sept, organised by Jennifer Laing. Click here for the Eventbrite link, or here for the GirlyGeeks Scotland Group. If you are anywhere else in the world just search other areas in SFDC Communities, or reach out to one of the members, or myself.


With a little help from my friends at Noble Systems