Tip #1 Free App of the Week – “Pop-Up Messages”

There are a few similar ‘pop-up’ style Apps on the Apexchange, and I know people love them as they are easy to set up, and each has their merits. Most importantly they are free, and they dont require any of the code that you would need if you built these from scratch.
This week I had a play around with ‘Pop-Up Messages‘. Admins can configure messages to pop up at certain times, and one of the differences with this App is that you can choose when it will appear (date range) and which User Roles it will appear to. The message will then appear when the User logs in.
The limitation of this App is that you can only choose for it to appear for ALL users, or choose a certain Role. I would rather it be configurable on a User level if possible, but it is worth a look.

Tip #2 Local Events

There are still plenty of local Salesforce events planned before ‘the big one’ in San Francisco. So remember to keep an eye on your local User Groups and Developer Groups. They are generally listed separately, although personally I find a lot of cross-over, and I often go to both. So I would say to you also, don’t be afraid to go to ‘the other one’! Take yourself out of the comfort zone, and you may be pleasantly surprised, and you may even learn something really useful.
On this theme, my next User Group event (18th Sept in Leeds) is joining up with the local Developer Group, to make some sort of SUPERGROUP! Suffice to say there will be something for everyone (as long as you are interested in Salesforce and/or Yorkshire beer!). Click here to join and register.
There are hundreds of events around the world…but here are some UK dates for your diary:

17th Sept – Scotland User Group – register here
17th Sept – Bristol Developer Group – register here
17th Sept – Ireland User Group – register here
18th Sept – Leeds combined User and Developer Group (YEAH!!) – register here
24th Sept – London Developer Group – register here
2nd Oct – Launch of London Admin Group – register here 
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