Phil’s Tip of the Week – Winter ’15 Special

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Ten things we learnt about Winter ’15  
Have you read the 292 pages of the Winter ’15 Release notes yet?? If not here are the things that caught my eye…

#1 Introducing Duplicate Alerts and Blocking (Beta)
This is a Beta version of what will hopefully be a really useful functionality. Duplicate prevention is only available for accounts, contacts, and leads. Interestingly the notes tell us that ‘Duplicate rules run as described here for records created from their respective tabs and edited directly from the respective record detail page’ only, so they won’t necesarily stop all dupes (consider records created via the the Quick Create, Import tools, Lead Convert, etc).

#2 New Dashboards, Reports, and Metrics Added to the Communities Analytics Package
This will be available in a new App, soon after the Winter ’15 release, and should add some new metric for those that use and manage Communities.

#3 Add Custom Lookup Fields on Activities (Beta)
A field type of lookup relationships will be available for use with activities. Note, to enable this feature you will need to contact Customer Support.

#4 Salesforce Files Connect
This should be an interesting feature, the notes say that ‘Salesforce users can access, share, and search external data from SharePoint Online’. Take a look also at ‘Salesforce1 Platform Connect’ in the release notes.

#5 Process Changed for Enabling Multiple Currencies
This has always been a long process, so hopefully this may speed things up. Not the most interesting of new features, I grant you, but as I recently went through the process…

#6 Set Up Salesforce1 with the Salesforce1 Wizard
An easy way to complete the essential setup tasks for the Salesforce1 mobile app, so we can all have our new Apps up and running in no time.

#7 Use the Salesforce1 Mobile Browser App on Android Tablets
This is slowly opening up Salesforce1 Mobile to more devices and more users.

#8 View All Pending Approval Requests in One Location (Salesforce1)
There was an App for this called Approval Central, I guess this now makes this standard functionality, which has got to be a good thing.

#9 Collaborate More Privately with Unlisted Chatter Groups
To be able to collaborate with even more privacy than just using ‘private groups’. So when you set up the Unlisted Group ‘Lets all buy Phil a surprise present’, then dont worry, I wont see it 🙂

#10 And finally, use the IdeaExchange, and your Ideas can get implemented!
As Parker Harris said in my blog last week (sorry, you know I am going to keep mentioning that!), “You have a voice and we want to hear it“. Use the IdeaExchange because Salesforce do listen, and in this release another 18 Ideas were implemented.

For further details, search on the terms above, in the full release notes.