Tip #1 Lead Conversion – A Jeff May guestblog 

You should recognise Jeff May as a regular guest of mine now, and more importantly as one of THE best contributors to the Salesforce Answers community with over 12,000 answers. I asked Jeff what interesting questions he had resolved recently, and here is one you may find useful:

“If you want to map a Lead field to more than one place during Lead Convert, create a custom formula field that references the original field.  Then, using the Lead Map fields page, map the custom formula field to the desired Account/Contact/Opportunity field.”

Thanks Jeff!

Tip #2 More guests coming soon!

This week is my 98th consecutive week of the ‘Tip of the Week’ blog. I am planning a rather special 100th edition, so keep an eye out for some special guests!!

Tip #3 Dreamforce Groups

With Dreamforce only 66 days away, it is time to start planning. A great way to do this is to join one of the online groups. Here are some you may find useful:
The official Dreamforce 2014 Group
All Dreamforce Parties
And my new UK and Ireland attendees of Dreamforce

Tip #4 New Winter ’14 logo

And finally, last week I gave you the chance to vote for the new Winter ’14 logo, and the winner is…
Ice Fisher New Winter 15 logo

Have a great weekend, see you next week for Week #99.