Tip #1 Summer of Hacks London 
Last weekend I was in London for my first ever Hackathon. I went really as an observer, but I soon wished I had got more involved. Idea pitching started on Friday evening, after that people started developing their Salesforce1 Apps, with many people coding through the night. Frantic work continued through to Sunday afternoon, with lots of competitions, workshops, and coffee in between. My 2 favourite Apps (and teams!) came 1st (Accident Alert) and 3rd (Text Relay), so well done to them, and to everyone who was involved! I am sure we will hear more about Desynit’s winning App ‘Accident Alert’ on their weekly Cloudlife Podcast.

Accident Alert App

Tip #2 Activity Dates in Formulas – Guest Post
I was chatting to Chris Edwards last week about the new Summer ’14 features, and he had some great use cases for one feature I had missed. So I asked Chris to write a Guest Post…

“The new features in Salesforce’s Summer ’14 release retired a massive 200,000 points from the IdeaExchange, and one of most eagerly awaited updates was the ability to use the Activity Date field in formula fields and validation rules (this idea was posted seven years ago and has attracted nearly 10,000 points!).
I have demonstrated a few typical use cases for this functionality, including how one magic formula could even help you work out if your sales reps sell more after meeting customers in the morning or the afternoon! To see this formula, and more, take a look at my Summer ’14 Tips and Tricks article.”

Thanks Chris!

Tip #3 Al Gore, Hillary Clinton, and Phil Walton!?
There probably wont be too many published lists featuring these 3 characters…And yet…Here is a list from Postcode Anywhere “22 People you need to follow before Dreamforce“. Thanks guys for adding me on, very privileged to be on it.