Tip #1 Wearables and IFTTT
I bought a JawboneUp 24 on the way back from San Francisco, one of several activity tracking wristbands that are pretty popular right now. I synced it with the app on my ipad, so it tells me numbers of steps taken each day, monitors sleep and sleep patterns, and wakes me up on weekday mornings. I thought I should see if I can link it to Salesforce somehow also, and finally came across a link to IFTTT (If This Then That). I first mentioned this site back in April 2013, its a fantastic free resource of ‘recipes’ that you can use to trigger something to happen on one technology from an event on a different technology. And sure enough there was 2 recipes for the JawboneUp, one to post updates to Twitter, and another to post to Chatter (see below). Be warned, I have already been cyber bullied for not doing enough exercise!! (Thanks Johan Yu and Chris Edwards!).

Jawbone update in Chatter

Tip #2 Salesforce Wearables Developer Pack
If you want to do something a bit more advanced with wearables like Google Glass or the Pebble smartwatch, you should take a look at this resource from Salesforce which will help get you started.

Tip #3 Free App of the Week – ‘Check-Ins for Salesforce’
This is a great looking geolocation App, which you install straight into your iPhone/iPad. Check-Ins for Salesforce allows you to check in to certain Accounts/Contacts, and see recent check ins by yourself or colleagues. The App does not update the Account/contact record which I think is a shame. If it did then I could see more possible functionality, for the office based colleagues to see your progress, maybe to trigger workflows etc. I only gave this App a 4/5 rating, it looks great, but with some extra functionality I think this could be one of the must-have Apps.