Tip #1 Service Cloud and SOS

If you have been to ANY Salesforce events recently you will probably have seen a demo of ‘Salesforce1 Service SOS’. The video clips or live demos show a customer service rep trying to help a user (possibly a Stanley Black & Decker customer), and then enabling live video support.
I think many have been wowed by this, me too. So when somebody approached me at the ‘Ask the Expert’ booth at Salesforce1 London in May, asking about this feature, actually I drew a blank, because I did not know the name of the feature, availability, price, etc.
So now you know it is the ‘Salesforce1 Service SOS’, and here is the press release that goes with it. And scrolling down through it I found the important bits…

“Salesforce1 Service SOS is planned for private beta the second half of 2014 and pricing will be announced at the time of general availability.” 

Tip #2 A calculator in Salesforce – Just what you always needed

I saved this App when it was released in May, thinking that this could be highlighted in a ‘most pointless free app’ feature…and then a Client actually asks me for this very functionality!! So in an unexpected U-Turn, here is my App of the Week:
100% Native Calculator” is a free app that puts a calculator in the home page component.
I knew you would love it too!