Tip #1 Are you certified?
If you are not Salesforce certified, then you probably should be. If you are already certified then you will know that with every new release you have to do a maintenance exam. You really don’t want to miss the deadline for any of these, and the Winter ’14 deadline is very close, so here is a link to the schedules. I realised I was getting behind, so Monday this week was a busy scramble to catch up, and now I have passed my 31st Salesforce exam.

Release Exam   Date Available     Completion Deadline
Winter ’14            Available now      July 18, 2014
Spring ’14            Available now      October 31, 2014
Summer ’14        July 21, 2014       February 27, 2015
Tip #2 A beginner’s guide to Salesforce1
Just when you thought you knew it all about Salesforce1, along comes this Developer Blog post from Salesforce. If you are working on Salesforce1, or are thinking about it, then it will be an invaluable resource.

Happy 4th of July!