Tip #1 Salesforce1 World Tour London

Last Thursday’s event at the Excel in London was pretty huge! Around 12,000 people taking part, lots of great sessions, news and updates in the Keynote, and some great reaction to my “25 people you should meet at Salesforce1 London” infographic. I had 170 RTs and 18,00 views, so pretty proud of that, thanks for all your Twitter action!
FYI – This was so popular that it will become a regular feature, the next ’25 Lists’ will be…

“25 Brits to meet at Dreamforce 2014”

Drop me a line if you have any input or want to support this.

Tip #2 – Transform Your Business With The AppExchange Webinar 

On Wednesday I recorded a Webinar for Salesforce, which listed my new Top Ten Appexchange Apps. They are mostly Free apps. This webinar is available here.

Tip #3 App of the week – Approval Central for Salesforce1And one of the featured Apps which I reviewed the night before the webinar (nothing like forward planning!), is Approval Central. Assuming you are using the Salesforce1 App on your mobile, install this into your Org (install Salesforce1 on your individual device, and this App on the Org as a Sys Admin), and the busy managers can go to an Approval tab and Approve or Decline easily in one place.

Tip #4 CloudLife Podcast

Recorded live (ish) at Salesforce1 London, here is another great episode of the CloudLife Podcast from my friends at Desynit. I managed to sneak on it as well. But also 7 other great guests, fantastic episode guys!

Tip #5 Ok then, you twisted my arm, for those that missed it, here is my moment of fame

A nice surprise for me at the Keynote. The applause is for ALL the User Groups and all the Community, and to everyone who gets involved…so here’s to all of YOU!