My Top 10 favourite Appexchange Apps:

Thanks to for inviting me to present on their webinar ‘Transform your business with AppExchange’. It was a great opportunity to revisit my favourite Apps, and update my Top 10. If you want to watch the full webinar, click on the image below, or see the full list underneath.

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In no particular order…

1. Object Converter – Automatically Convert a Record from any object to any object

2. Former Positions – A simple solution to a common CRM issue…what should you do when you a Contact moves from one Account to another?

3. AppExchange Dashboard Pack  – All the dashboards you need in one App

4. Field Trip – Know which of your fields have been populated (if ever!), to clean up your config and delete fields that are never used.

5. Multiple web 2 lead – Enables you to get around the standard limit of one webform to one Lead mapping, very useful

6. NonProfit Starter Pack– Useful starting point for any Salesforce Foundation users

7. Unique Entry – My 1 PAID App recommendation. Great realtime de-duplication tool

8. Popup Alerts – A good way to alert a user of some important information, every time they view a particular record.

9. Side Calendar (new in May 2014) – Add the Salesforce Calendar to EVERY page.

10. Salesforce1 – By just installing this App to your smartphone, you will instantly be using the best Mobile App.