Salesforce1 London Special

Tip #1 Make a dash for the London Excel centre
If you are not here already, then you should be arriving soon at the Excel Centre in London’s Docklands. George Hu’s keynote speech starts at 10.30 (get your seats before 10.15 if possible). Other highlights include over 30 breakout sessions, a packed Cloud Expo area, and an Ask the Expert booth, and a User Group booth. With all these people and around 10,000 people registering, the big question is ‘who should you meet’?

Tip #2 The 25 people you should meet at Salesforce1 London
Here are my suggestions of who you should meet at the event…

SF1London 25 HI-RES

If you are a Twitter user, say hello to all the 25, and follow the hashtag #SF1London25

Tip #3 Come and meet me and ask some tough questions
I will be manning the ‘Ask the Expert’ booth between 12.30 and 3pm. I will also be spending some time later in the afternoon at the ‘User Group’ booth. So it would be great to meet up. Any tough questions may require you bringing me coffee or food, but this is a great opportunity to ask questions to some really experience Salesforce folk, and without denting your company cheque book 🙂

Tip#4 – Join the party (parties)
This applies to this event and any other Salesforce events, and any general networking events. Often a lot of the real networking happens at the after parties, so try not to get the first train home, stay a while longer and have an informal chat over a drink and some food. There are too many events to mention today, but ask around, ask your Salesforce contacts, and ask your App partners, Consultants etc. There are lots of invite-only events during the day, straight after the event, on the way into Central London, and through until 3am!

Tip#5 – Appexchange Webinar next week
Whether you are at the London event today or not, here is something you can take a look at next Wednesday. I am hosting a Webinar with Salesforce next Weds 28th May 4-5pm (GMT) called “Transform your business with the Appexchange“.
I will be discussing how I use the Appexchange, how (and why) I install and review so many Apps (150 and counting), and my top 10 favourite Apps.