Tip #1 Salesforce for Outlook – What version have my Users installed?
One improvement to the Salesforce for Outlook integration is that you can now see which users use which version of SFO. Run the Login history report (either from Administer/Manage Users/Login History, or at the moment you can also go from Administration Setup/Desktop Administration /Outlook Configurations), and see each user’s version of Salesforce for Outlook in the Application and Client Version columns.

Tip #2 Read-only page for your 3rd party App providers
It’s great to ask other people what Tips they have, because you often are given an insight into something that you would never have come across. My good friends at Cloudfind are App providers, so they see some things from the ‘other side of the screen’.
Robert Chokr from Cloudfind told me that if you have installed a 3rd party App into your Org, that App provider will see a read-only page of information about your organisation. It will show the organisation name, primary contact, company phone, the App version you have installed, etc. If that App provider needs to contact you, or support you, he will go there first. So it is important to keep that information up to date! Just go to Setup/Company Profile/Company information and update it.

Tip #3 Dreamforce registration is now open!

After my first trip last year, I am not going to miss this event, and registration opened a few days ago. Dreamforce is THE event for anyone using Salesforce! If you are reading this, you will benefit from attending Dreamforce, simple as that.
The downside is convincing your boss, your wife, your kids, etc, if you need me to, give me their phone numbers and I will ring them to explain!!
If you have pre-registered, you should have an email with a discount code, if you are registering today it will cost $899 for the full conference pass, after May 6th it will go up in cost.
Also, you can book hotels via the Dreamforce registration site. I would recommend doing it this way as many hotels just block out all other bookings for this week, and the deals seem to be better than going direct or through another agency.
Here is a link to a Tip from December, which looks at how much the trip will cost you.

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