Tip #1 Salesforce Selfie – Win a Dreamforce Trip! 

Marc Benioff has been retweeting loads of the competition entries himself, so this is really worth a go! If you win, you get a free trip to San Fran and Dreamforce 2014, at worst you may make yourself a new Twitter buddy (and a billionaire buddy at that!).
Share a screenshot of your Salesforce1 Mobile App using #salesforce1selfie on Twitter before May 30th to have a chance. Check here for more info. And if you dont know what a ‘Selfie’ is then you may have to leave your cave, ‘dial up the internet’, and Ask Jeeves, or something 🙂

Tip #2 Salesforce Essentials events 

In the world of Salesforce events, Dreamforce is King. Second comes the Salesforce1/Cloudforce World Tour. Then comes the ‘Salesforce Essentials’. Don’t write it off too quickly, these are great events where you can actually make it around the entire event, and actually speak to somebody.They cover regional destinations that the Salesforce1 tour does not generally reach, but covers Los Angeles, Rio, and MANCHESTER!!!

Here is a link to the full list, and here some UK events, tell me if you are going and I may come and join you…
17 June, 2014 (Tuesday), Leeds, UK
24 June, 2014 (Tuesday), Glasgow, UK
01 July, 2014 (Tuesday), Dublin, Ireland
03 July, 2014 (Thursday), at Phil’s house in Manchester, UK
08 July, 2014 (Tuesday), Birmingham, UK

Tip #3 Appexchange Webinar

On May 28th, Salesforce will be hosting a Webinar “Transform your business with AppExchange”, and have invited me to be the guest. I hope I don’t have to transform everyone’s business in the one hour timeslot, but I will do my best! If you have not visited the Appexchange you really should take a look. Just spend 10 mins looking at the most popular apps, the free apps, the apps most suitable to your industry.
Webinar details to follow soon…