Tip #1 Known issues 
Some of you may be aware of the Known Issues page on the Salesforce community. If an error occurs or something happens in Salesforce that you can not resolve, it is worth a look on this page. If you find an error which is affecting you, you can click ‘This issue affects me’, to add your weight behind the issue. Until now, that was the end of the line, but thankfully there is finally an improvement to this. If you click ‘This issue affects me’, and the issue is fixed, you will now get a notification. Not sure why this took so long, but its a welcome improvement.

Tip #2 Salesforce is STILL full of surprises 

Yesterday I went to visit the Developer User Group in Leeds, and saw some great presentations and met some great people. Presentations from Andy Fawcett and Paul Battisson are always welcome, but the 3rd presentation was a surprise. Most of us have now heard of the ‘Internet of Things’, but seeing Salesforce control a mini quad helicopter was pretty impressive! Matt and Neil (makers of also more practical apps like Batch pdf) then got the helicopter to take a picture of the attendees, see below.

Photo from the mini helicopter in the Leeds DUG

I will never forget the look on the security guard’s face as he walked past!! #priceless

Tip #3 Happy Easter
This weeks Tip of the Week is going out a day early, as I close Walton Towers for the Easter holidays. I feel like taking a celebratory break after being awarded a prestigious ‘Good Egg Award‘ from my good friends at Desynit in Bristol. With myself, and the Lord Mayor of Bristol, plus ten others making the dozen Good eggs, it is such a great way to share the love, and also to raise some money for charity.

I hope you all have a great holiday, catch you next week!