Tip #1 Salesforce Edition Comparison
Do you know what you are paying for? And do you know what you are missing? It’s worth taking a look at the Salesforce Edition comparison occasionally to check that you are paying for the correct Edition of Salesforce. And if you find that you only need to upgrade for 1 extra feature, it is worth a call to Salesforce to see if you can just pay extra for that one feature as an ‘add-on’. For example, if you have Professional Edition licences and you are thinking about upgrading to Enterprise in order to use Workflows, it could be substantially cheaper to stick with Professional Edition with a Workflow Add-On.
Note, this may not be available from all Account Execs and for all areas, but I have several Clients that have these add-ons, so it is worth asking!

Tip #2 The 25 people you need to meet at Salesforce1 London
The biggest Salesforce event in UK is at the Excel Centre in London on May 22nd, and is called ‘Salefsforce1’. Its a free event, so register here if you haven’t already.
I am compiling a list of the people you should look out for at the event. The most interesting. The most active. The community leaders. The big-hitters! I would love to hear from you about who you think should be on it, so please drop me a line.
And, if anyone is interested in sponsoring the post, so we can turn it into an infographic that can go viral, get in touch asap.

Tip #3 Go to events, and take upside down pictures!?
So this tip is not strictly a Salesforce tip. But some of you may have received last weeks Tip email with an upside down picture, and some of you will have received it as it should be. Thankfully Richard Donkin from Cloudfind helped me with an explanation of this, and stopped my instant headache. The photo was taken on my iphone, and even though I edited it, and ‘Saved As’ a brand new file, the image still keeps certain properties. I think what I am saying is, “it is not my fault, honest”. It’s just worth being aware of this, as if you do send any marketing emails for example, even if you test these first, you MAY still end up sending an upside down picture to SOME recipients. Here is a blog post which may help resolve it.
Last nights’ User Group in Manchester was a great success, thanks to the sponsorship and support from makepositive, and the fantastic building that Bruntwood invited us to visit. There were great presentations from Richard Clark at makepositive, and my fellow MVP and new bestie Joshua Hoskins from Appirio.
Here is a (hopefully correct way up) photo from the top of the City Tower.

Pretending not to be scared of heights