Tip #1 Free App of the Week – “Lets Talk about the Weather”

This is sooo British! This Free App –Lets Talk about the Weather  will show you the weather for your Accounts, Contacts, or Leads, based upon the City and Country. So when you find me on your Contact list, look at my record whilst you ring me, and say “Sorry it’s raining again in Manchester, but here is something to cheer up your day…” SOLD.

It is so British it was actually created by David Cameron!! Ok, not that one, but this one @dacology.

Tip #2 MVP Office Hours

This is a Community Group and a bi-weekly online event, giving you the chance to have questions answered by Salesforce MVPs. Join the Community Group here and you will get details of the calls. Next one is Friday 28th March (11AM PST, which is 7pm GMT I beleive).