Tip #1 Salesforce Identity

Get a company specific Salesforce login URL, and add your own corporate branding. This is available in just about every SFDC Edition as a free functionality, so give it a try. Click here to have a look at a short video of what to do and how to do it.

Tip #2 Salesforce1 World Tour – Tickets available

I mentioned a few weeks ago that Salesforce is doing a World Tour of their Salesforce1 event. Tickets are now available for the first few events (including London, which I will attend). These are big events, but tickets will run out! And if you need accomodation nearby, plan it now. Click here for details of how to register.

Tip #3 Welcome to Yorkshire
Yesterday was the start of my own mini Tour, my North England User Group is now moving around the region. The first 2 events were in Manchester, and yesterday was the first ever Salesforce event in Sheffield. We had great fun at the Sheffield Tap Micro-Brewery and pub. Join the User Group Chatter page to find out more.
And finally, a hilarious clip from the 90’s from British comedians Hale & Pace, this tells you all you need to know about Yorkshire! 🙂