Tip #1 Remember to take your SFDC Release exams! 

This week I passed my 28th and 29th Salesforce exams, so here is a timely reminder to all you certified Administrators and Developers. If you have not already passed the release exams, the deadlines are as follows:
Summer ’13 – Must be passed by March 14th
Winter ’14 – Must be passed by June 27th
And note that if you are more organised than me… the Spring ’14 exams are coming soon!
Getting Salesforce certified is not an easy thing, so dont forget to keep them current, otherwise you will not be listed on the new certification site…

Tip #2 New Certififcation Validation website

Want to check that a new employee or freelancer has the certification they say they have? Salesforce have launched a new website where you can check.

Verification Site