Tip #1 Salesforce1 Events

After Dreamforce in San Francisco, the next big Salesforce events are on its world tour, this year called ‘Salesforce1’. In previous years it has been called ‘Cloudforce’, and the ‘Customer Company Tour’. They are pretty huge, and usually a one day free event. The tour visits:

March 6th Philadelphia, PA
March 19 Johannesburg
March 26 Melbourne
April 2 Boston, MA
April 24 Chicago
May 22 London (I will be there!!!)
May 27 Amsterdam
May 29 Washington
June 12 Atlanta, GA
June 25 Toronto
June 26 Paris
Keep an eye on the schedule here to register for tickets when they are available.

Tip #2 Spring 14 Release Date – Updated

For those that missed it, the Spring ’14 release was originally due this weekend and next, however this was changed to be March 7th and 14th. Sandboxes are due to move to Spring ’14 today. For full details take a look here.

Tip #3 – Spring ’14 training now available
Online training for the new features of Spring14 is now available. Take a look here. There are seven training modules, and each one includes feature overviews, relevant use cases, and in-depth demonstrations.