Its all about Google this week…

Tip #1 – Salesforce ID Clipper
I have blogged on several occassions about free Google Chrome Extensions that have been built to enhance Salesforce, and the ‘Salesforce ID Clipper’ is another useful tool. Use the extension to copy a record ID from the url to your clipboard, or to copy the ‘clean’ url of a record that you right click on. There is a short youtube video below showing examples and why it could save you some time, so take a look. And if you are not using Chrome as your internet browser… you really should.
Here is a link to other extensions for Salesforce on my blog.

Tip #2 – Google Maps API
As of tomorrow (thanks for the advance warning!?), the Google Maps API will require a Google licence. What does this mean? Well if you are using a Google map App or functionality in Salesforce then you MAY find that it may stop working! I do not have a full list of Apps for a comparison, but Apps such as ‘Find Nearby’ will be affected. I beleive that Geopoint will not. If this is a business critical functionality I would recommend checking with the provider!