Tip #1 – App(s) of the Week

This week I noticed 2 new Apps, both free, both enhancing the use of birthdays on Contact records. So far I can not choose one over the other, so here is your choice:
BirthdayAlert (Contact) from CloudClickware
– Birthdays Reminder from Technics
If you are going to go to the effort of collecting birthdate info, then make sure you use it! It’s great marketing fuel.

Tip #2 – Developer User Groups (DUG) 

On Wednesday I attended the London User group. I watched a couple of great presentations from fellow MVP (I like using that phrase now, sorry) Wes Nolte, and also James Melville. The DUGs can seem a bit daunting for someone with an admin/business background rather than a coding background, but DO NOT FEAR!! Everyone was friendly and welcoming, the beer was cold and the pizza was spicy. Some topics will go over my head, but some, in this case especially Wes’s discussion on sharing should be on all our study lists. DUGs are currently managed slightly differently to User Groups. User Groups have there own tab on the Success Community with all global groups. However DUGs are individually managed, and generally have a Meetup page, such as this one for the London DUG. If you struggle to find your local group drop me a line and I will try to point you in the right direction.